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"Caring for the environment today for tomorrows future"


Invasive Weeds

CoreEnviro Solutions specialises in Noxious/Environmental, Agricultural, Horticultural and Aquatic Pest and Weed Management. We also offer Noxious/Environmental, Agricultural and Horticultural Consulting Services.


One of our biggest client is the ACT Government, services consist of the following:  


·        Provide environmental weed control in high conservation areas in and around the Australian

         Capital Territory, to ensure the native flora and fauna are protected from invasive weeds,

·        Ongoing Weed Program at Exhibition Park in Canberra, and

·        Maintain the European Wasp Hotline.


We also provide services in urban fox, feral cat and rabbit control programs.










eWasp (European Wasp Hotline)

The European wasp hotline is a free reporting and advice service, services consist of the following:


·        European wasp nest Reporting,

·        Advice and information, and

·        Insect Identification.


Means of Reporting:

·        eWasp mobile app,

·        website/email, and

·        Hotline phone number.


CoreEnviro Solutions main objective is to save our native species. We are committed to educating the public on invasive and beneficial species. Through the Hotline, we believe we have saved numerous native species by educating the public on invasive and beneficial native species.


The hotline is open to anyone is Australia and with the support of the communities, we will endeavour to reduce the numbers of European wasps in and around suburban areas.

CoreEnviro Solutions Pest & Weed Technicians are motivated and driven by the requirements and needs of their clients, with a career spanning over 20 years in the industry, CoreEnviro Solutions technicians primary focus is ensuring these needs are identified and met no matter how challenging the task may be.


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