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We offer the following services:
  • Noxious/Environmental, Agricultural, Horticultural Weed Management and Consulting Services
  • European Wasp Hotline & Advice Service
  • Wasp & Bee Sworm/Hive Treatments
  • Oval Spraying & Treatments

  • Landscape Services
  • Aquatic Weed Management
  • Urban Fox, Feral Cat and Rabbit Control Programs


CoreEnviro Solutions has a range of equipment to suit any job, from home garden spraying & horticultural services to environmental weed spraying, consulting services and urban fox, feral cat and rabbit control programs.


In addition to the above services, CoreEnviro Solutions has taken it one step further from our competitors with a Argo 8X8 All Terrain Amphibious Vehicle. The ATV has a drop in spray unit and a 3 metre boom, all equipment can be removed to transport passengers or equipment to remote areas where a 4WD or any other ATV is unable to access. 

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